Leaders from the PCG team discuss some of the key considerations and insights driving their work.

The research is in and it validates what PCG has been recommending clients over the past 30 years. “Workplace design must involve all key stakeholders to achieve an environment which enables employees...

Activity Based Working (ABW) - More Sizzle than Substance In late March of 2017, findings of two unrelated pieces of research into workplace trends were published in the media providing some interesti...

How does an organisation achieve and maintain a competitive edge in 2017 and into the future?  Business owners and directors everywhere have already reviewed costs, technology and staff incentives as ...

The cold, frozen, isolated region of Siberia is many miles from the hustle of Sydney, London & New York but in the workplace some of us feel like we’re already there!  

Do you want the finest staff working at your organisation? Creative jump-starters who are natural collaborators, highly qualified and intrinsically motivated. Well, unsurprisingly you can have a direc...


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“How to Extract Maximum Value from the Commercial Office Leasing Market”.

With knowledge of leasing options, a business can more effectively negotiate with their existing landlord to win a range of benefits.

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