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Leaders from the PCG team discuss some of the key considerations and insights driving their work.

Whilst the opportunity for an organisation to score their workplace functionality and effectiveness has existed for some time now, what has been lacking is the absence of comparative data!!  Without data, decisions are based on informed hunches rather than fact.    

 As part of our own ongoing improvement and learning process, PCG invited Dr Peggie Rothe, Leesmen’s Development Director to our offices during her recent visit to Sydney.  Leesmen Limited works with organisations of different sizes, sectors and global reach to help them understand if their corporate workplaces are fit-for-purpose.  Peggie is Leesmen’s resident academic having previously published her research findings on corporate real estate, workplace management and short distance office relocations in several peer reviewed academic journals from her time as resident researcher at Aalto University (Finland). 

Dr Peggie Rothman at the PCG Sydney Office

Dr Peggie Rothman at the PCG Sydney Office

PCG has been undertaking similar surveys for our clients over the past 10 years however the benefit Leesman bring to this service is the global context and the ability to benchmark Australian workplace performance against global performance criteria and global industry specific data.

Leesmen Limited offer no consultancy, strategy, design or management services, so their data remains entirely independent of all of other services. They simply capture survey responses, provide comparative data and highlight areas for improvement which helps us and our clients create better workplaces by arming us with the data that tells us and our clients where to invest our time and resources.

With the Leesman LMI, a ‘functionality and effectiveness’ score, is calculated for every workplace measured, providing a simple and comparable property performance indicator.  An LMI is calculated for every survey respondent to allow us to report on the functionality and effectiveness for any granular sub-group (e.g. by department, division or territory).  This benchmark can then be used to set project-wide or localised objectives and quantify the extent of necessary improvements, allowing teams to focus attention on areas of particular need, or of maximum impact. The data collected has numerous applications in the lifecycle of a typical workplace.

Leesmen methodology for Workplace Functionality & Effectiveness Calculation Chart by PCG

Diagram sourced from Leesman 

The benefit for CEOs, CFOs and Managers of People and Culture is that the survey findings can be used to establish the business case for a major strategic project. Once a project is started, the data finds new value, evaluating readiness for change and engaging employees in the change management process by testing the effectiveness of pilot solutions.  

 Leesmen Survey with PCG

Diagram sourced from Leesman 

When a project is completed, PCG deploys an identical follow-up post occupancy study directly measuring the benefits delivered and informing the plan for future investment, allowing a clear ROI to be determined.

Increasingly, surveys are then deployed annually to monitor the performance and contribution of workplaces to check that they remain aligned to functional needs and changing organisational direction and that employee engagement remains high. 

The time spent with Peggie was invaluable.  Having our status quo challenged and new ideas put onto the table has resulted in us looking forward to enhancing our current surveying process.

If you want to start the process of evaluating your work environment, read our free whitepaper, “Is Your Work Environment an Asset or Liability?" 


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Simon founded PCG in 1988. His career has focused on assisting organisations to manage and implement major workplace change projects through the integration of Property, Design and Project Management disciplines. Simon is committed to delivering faster, more creative property and project solutions to PCG’s clients with certainty of time, cost and quality.

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