Leaders from the PCG team discuss some of the key considerations and insights driving their work.

The research is in and it validates what PCG has been recommending clients over the past 30 years. “Workplace design must involve all key stakeholders to achieve an environment which enables employees...

How does an organisation achieve and maintain a competitive edge in 2017 and into the future?  Business owners and directors everywhere have already reviewed costs, technology and staff incentives as ...

Whilst the opportunity for an organisation to score their workplace functionality and effectiveness has existed for some time now, what has been lacking is the absence of comparative data!!  Without d...

It's been proven! In line with PCG's own service offerings, research conducted by Beaton Research + Consulting in association with the 2015 AFR Client Choice surveyed 25,000 qualified users of profess...

Organisations that want high levels of employee engagement and retention are increasingly considering if flexible working is right for their organisation. Here is a "hypothetical case study" as to how...

Regardless of innovative workplace design, way finding, internal stairs, VOIP and high speed cabling, if Bob,Carol, Ted and Alice are more than 50 meters away from each other, the chances of them regu...


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“How to Extract Maximum Value from the Commercial Office Leasing Market”.

With knowledge of leasing options, a business can more effectively negotiate with their existing landlord to win a range of benefits.

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