Leaders from the PCG team discuss some of the key considerations and insights driving their work.

Don’t be caught out when negotiating a lease on a commercial property. The following outlines the costs involved with securing the lease, occupancy and moving costs.

Trucks and office design.  It's not the usual combination. But at PCG we couldn't wait to get started.  

For the majority of organisations, the cost of their office accommodation is one of the biggest expenses within the financials, sometimes costing millions of dollars annually.   

Are you interested in working harder? Or smarter? 

It's economic theory: The more something is in demand, the more it costs. When reviewing your commercial lease, what's the quickest way to find yourself on the wrong side of the negotiation table?  

Similar to other markets the property market changes on roughly a 7-year cycle, transitioning through two main phases, Tenant Friendly Market and Landlord Friendly Market.  So what exactly is the diff...


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“How to Extract Maximum Value from the Commercial Office Leasing Market”.

With knowledge of leasing options, a business can more effectively negotiate with their existing landlord to win a range of benefits.

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