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Oakburn Elizabeth Bay


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The Client:

The client engaged PCG to negotiate the acquisition of property on their behalf from the National Trust subject to a delayed settlement being provided and their endorsement of a development application to convert the property from apartments back to a single residential dwelling.

The Brief:

OAKBURN was an Italianate villa built in the early 1870’s which had been subdivided into three residential apartments before being bequeathed to the National Trust upon the death of the previous private owner. Our client sought to acquire the property and return the property to its original form having consideration of the heritage elements of the property and create a four-bedroom residence and double garage.

Oakburn before restoration 

OAKBURN Elizabeth Bay_Before

Oakburn after restoration

Oakburn Elizabeth Baby after restoration


Oakburn Elizabeth Bay - Exterior


Oakburn Elizabeth Bay - Balcony


Oakburn Elizabeth Bay - Entry


The Strategy/Solution:   

The project comprised extensive and detailed restoration and refurbishment works in accordance with the heritage impact statement and development approval. The property was virtually derelict at the time of purchase requiring a comprehensive scope of work to both exterior and interior to bring the residence back to its former glory and expectations of our exacting clients. The building was completely stripped back to its base structure and total replacement of all structural and decorative timber work. A new roof was installed and an extensive landscaping scheme undertaken to the front, side and rear of the property. 

Oakburn Elizabeth Bay - Bathroom


Oakburn Elizabeth Bay - Formal Dining


Oakburn Elizabeth Bay - 2nd Bedroom


OAKBURN Elizabeth Bay - kitchen
OAKBURN Elizabeth Bay - Living area
OAKBURN Elizabeth Bay - Informal dining area
OAKBURN Elizabeth Bay - Bedroom
OAKBURN Elizabeth Bay - Ensuite
OAKBURN Elizabeth Bay - Bedroom 2