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 PCG was appointed by Lion to bring their Western Australian workplace in line with their national standard.  


Lion Perth


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The Client

Lion (formally known as Lion Nathan) a leading food and beverage company, employs approximately 6,700 people. Their portfolio includes many of Australia and New Zealand’s favourite household brands including Heineken, XXXX Gold, Hahn Superdry, King Island Dairy, Daily Juice and Yoplait, to name only a few. Kirin Holding Company purchased Lion Nathan in 2009 merging them with their pre-established business National Foods.  This included the integration of their ‘Dairy & Drinks’ and ‘Beer, Wine & Soft Drinks’ divisions.

The Brief

PCG was engaged by Lion to bring their Western Australian workplace in line with their national standard and in doing so consolidate their wine, beverage and drinks divisions into a new Perth leasehold workplace. Comprising approximately 100 employees PCG conducted a thorough needs analysis, developed a detailed strategic Master Plan, which Lion management approved and instructed PCG to implement via an integrated design and project management services solution.

Adopting the core values of “sociability and well-being” an established national workplace manifesto calling for “compelling places to work”, PCG adopted the following seven overarching objectives for the new Perth workplace solution:

  • To stimulate passion and creativity
  • Be consistent with all Lion people and brands
  • Promote and enable increasingly flexible and mobile work styles
  • Support formal and informal communications
  • Afford flexibility for business growth and change
  • Act sustainably for the long term
  • Do not financially burden the business

Lion Perth - Boardroom

The Strategy/Solution

PCG participated in a property search and pre-lease due diligence on a refurbished leasehold commercial space which was formerly the Swan Brewery located at 173 Mounts Bay Road, Perth. The total leasehold area was approximately 1,300m2 which our design team divided into wellbeing (private work areas) and sociability (team work areas) which supported the aspirations for identity, agility, intimacy, innovation and collaboration. Drawing upon the heritage nature of the property and the Lion history in Western Australia, a very strong heritage theme was adopted utilising hundreds of heritage brewing items including equipment and bottles of beer dating back to the early 1800 hundreds. A workplace for over 100 employees has been created comprising open and enclosed accommodation and support facilities with alternate work settings to enable numerous new ways for the Lion team to work and connect with each other throughout their working day.

Lion Perth - Workstations 

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Lion Perth by PCG - 3
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