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Leaders from the PCG team discuss some of the key considerations and insights driving their work.


When MYOB came to us they wanted to know "What is it that sets leading organisations apart when it comes to innovative workplaces?"

When we talk about workplace, PCG means the physical environment that supports the business in the three crucial dynamics of

  • people
  • process and
  • place

Our recent research has uncovered a clear link between the level to which employers prioritize their workplace and the aspirations and results of the staff who work there.  We know that leading organisations undoubtedly attract the best staff, the creative jump-starters who are natural collaborators, highly qualified and intrinsically motivated and they do this by focusing on processes and place.  

“The trouble is that achieving the balanced workplace which enables optimal employee engagement can be a tricky proposition.”

 MYOB engaged PCG to assist them achieve such a balance in their new workplace.  Their committment to improvement Involved over 100 employees, a brand new work environment and new ways of working to leverage improved engagement, collaboration and productivity levels.                            PCG-MYOB-Sydney Office Design by PCG 

MYOB-Sydney Commercial Refurbishment by PCG


To quantify those gains, an internal survey showed an 18% increase in team engagement levels following the move to the new workplace.

 MYOB-Sydney Workplace Trends by PCGCoupled with achieving double-digit annual revenue growth and almost the doubling of profit, the results over the course of the transformation have been impressive.

Watch the video below to hear from MYOB CEO Tim Reed, who says the new workplace has positively improved company culture, staff happiness and productivity.





 We have well and truly achieved a newly transformed organisation for MYOB, avoiding the pitholes of feels different, but looks the same and looks different, but feels the same. 

Improving Workplace Engagement Image by PCG


If you are interested in finding out more about how to transform your organisation we have developed a whitepaper, "Your Road Map to a High Performance Workplace", which can be downloaded for your reference.

Download Your Roadmap! 

 PCG-MYOB-Sydney Office Fitout by PCG


AuthorSimon Gunnis

Simon founded PCG in 1988. His career has focused on assisting organisations to manage and implement major workplace change projects through the integration of Property, Design and Project Management disciplines. Simon is committed to delivering faster, more creative property and project solutions to PCG’s clients with certainty of time, cost and quality.

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