How the Use of Space Can Maximise The Potential Of Your People


Leaders from the PCG team discuss some of the key considerations and insights driving their work.

“ If you mismanage a property selection and workplace design process , it will negatively affect your organisations productivity, creativity and culture - it could also trigger loss of staff, customers and clients.”

Let’s face it, your physical environment does has a significant contribution to your perspective of the world, self esteem and your ability to function effectively. So when it comes to the challenge of managing the creation of a new workplace solution for your organisation, which on average occurs only once every 5-10 years, it s a rare window of opportunity which should optimised to the advantage of the organisation and the stakeholders comprising it. So how do you optimise this window of opportunity ? Well the very first thing that you need to understand is that time is the nemesis of any project, and therefore we suggest starting early will stand your opportunity to succeed in great stead, without the comfort of time, the supply sides of both the property and construction markets, not to mention your key stakeholders will hold your chances of succeeding to ransom. Our observations over the past 30 years lead us to believe that only 1 in 5 projects undertaken in any year hit the required performance indicators to warrant the category of a successful project.

Workplace Performance Plan by PCG

Is the selection of the right leasehold property important? Just imagine dropping a high performance engine inside a low performance chassis. Before long the wheels would be literally falling off. Despite this unquestionable reality, the number of times this or commensurate oversight occurs is amazing, and very often overseen by very often very astute managers. More often than not, these dynamics or mistakes occur through a mix of inexperience and or a misunderstanding of the market dynamics and drivers or knowing who’s counsel to trust and who’s counsel to disregard. Quite simply, the property selection process is a foundation decision for the success and one which needs to informed by the workplace needs and aspirations of the business in addition to the financial metrics comprising the workplace project equation, after all isn’t a revenue neutral project the objective of every ‘move champion’?

Selecting the Right Lease Property

Is the design of the workplace important? As designers we think so, however not nearly as important as the strategic briefing process which precedes the design process and upon which the success of the ensuing design is measured. The strategic briefing process is also a foundation for success, and needs to be facilitated by highly experienced operatives who will engage the client in a series of workplace envisioning sessions and in doing so, challenge current workplace and work style processes and paradigms and unlock the minds of stakeholders to the potential and benefits of new ways of working. Of course the design of the workplace is important, because the form and function of the workplace is by far the most enabling element of the entire process.

Office Interior Design by PCG

Who should be managing the property selection and workplace design process? The answer does not lie in a title, rather someone who has the respect of the organisation, is commercially savvy, personable and has a mandate from management to leverage positive change through the place dynamic. The preceding qualities in concert with an appreciation for the positive contributions a new workplace can make towards values, behavior and staff engagement is critical. More often than not however , the above is manifest in the contributions of a multi skilled team as opposed to one person, usually CFO, People and Culture, COO and Facilities.

As the blog topic is all about critical linkages between property, design and people. We would like to suggest a very good overarching philosophy is one which endeavors to enlist the hearts and minds of every stakeholder from the outset through participation, thus affording stakeholders a sense of ownership of the agenda and end product. The following diagram illustrates the three potential landing pads of most projects. And more often than not, the wisdom of the first step in a long journey determines the caliber of the outcome.

An Opportunity to Positively Transform your Organisation Venn Diagram by PCG

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