Employee Engagement - Can you Have a Bad Day in these Workplaces?


Leaders from the PCG team discuss some of the key considerations and insights driving their work.

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The workplace environment influences the behavior and performance of people…..No arguments there!

How do you have your employees be some of the few that love coming to the office?

It sounds like you require a needs analysis for your business! By drawing upon research based findings about the way you currently work and how you aspire to work, strategies can be conceived and implemented which will strengthen the relationships between your people, foster employee engagement and lead to good collaboration and new ways for your organisation to achieve their goals.

Good office design can facilitate specific styles of work, reinforce corporate values and make a significant contribution to bottom line profits through improved efficiencies and productivity gains.  If management and office design are in alignment to support employees, it can also improve employee retention rates. 

Wworkplace Performance Managment by PCG

When considering relocation and/or creating a new workplace design it is critical to consider all the factors in a timely manner so you achieve the maximum benefits in building your culture, reinforcing the DNA of your business and reducing cost.

Who are your employees? What types of work do they typically perform?  Who do they need to collaborate with? How will current and future technologies impact the way staff members interact?

To see how you can facilitate best practice communication practices in your organisation download our Communication Through Workspace whitepaper now. 

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