Leaders from the PCG team discuss some of the key considerations and insights driving their work.

It's that time where the majority of senior staff are thinking about employee gifts. Hampers, chocolates, non-sexist, non-denominatal, non-offensive.   However, what if you're looking at this all wron...

Trucks and office design.  It's not the usual combination. But at PCG we couldn't wait to get started.  

How does an organisation achieve and maintain a competitive edge in 2017 and into the future?  Business owners and directors everywhere have already reviewed costs, technology and staff incentives as ...

For the majority of organisations, the cost of their office accommodation is one of the biggest expenses within the financials, sometimes costing millions of dollars annually.   

Whether you are considering relocating your office, refurbishing your current premises or opening a new office in a new city, the design of your workplace cannot be overlooked.  After all, it’s key fo...

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“How to Extract Maximum Value from the Commercial Office Leasing Market”.

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